We are a brazilian company built to meet the needs of the replacement market of electronic parts for heavy machinery.

About us

We exist to make your business more profitable and productive.

Since 2010 in the market, Panflight operates based on three fundamental pillars: technology, quality and competitiveness.


With a team of qualified professionals in ​​Electronic and Mechanical Engineering, Panflight makes use of its development laboratory to find simple and intelligent solutions to your challenges.


We value quality from design to after sales. For this we have developed our own testbed for each developed product and we carefully select our suppliers and raw materials. Our goal is to offer you the best products and a great service.


Aware of the market needs, at Panflight we aim to fully meet the expectations regarding cost, time and quality. Our sales and support teams are always ready to offer excellence in service to each of our clients, with the respect and attention deserved.


Provide automotive electronic parts that give heavy machinery the maximum availability in agricultural, forest-based, infrastructure and road sectors.


Expand our performance in the automotive electronic spare parts market for heavy machinery.


Excellence in customer service based on quality, technology and competitiveness.